What Is The Best Car Wax?

What is the best car wax?  There are so many different car waxes for sale, you can quickly get lost in a mountain of products.  With so many out there, it can be confusing what to use and when.  What is best for an older car?  Who has the best shine, or lowest cost?  No need to ask all of those questions, we will go over the top ten ways to evaluate car waxes.  This will help you separate out what will work and what is best for your specific needs.What is the best car wax?

What is the Best Car Wax

Synthetic versus Wax

Synthetics are polyermerized olefins that simulate the performance of a natural Carnauba wax.  Both of the waxes actually perform about the same in terms of cleaning and protection of the car. nThe natural waxes make a very strong and thick shell of protection on the surface of the car, but do not have longevity like synthetics.

Car Detailing Stage

There are three stages of detailing. These three car detailing steps are: preparing the surface, cleaning it, and finally protecting it.  Each car wax will perform one of the jobs, while some may have a combination like a paint cleaner and protection.  Car waxes have an amount of grit and polish to them, with surface preparation having the highest amount for protecting  a fine coat.  Be sure to read the bottle and find out if the product is a good fit for your car.  You do not want a surface preparation system (stage 1) on a brand new paint surface when all it needs is a layer of protection (stage 3).

Regional Weather Conditions

Weather can impact on how often you have to add protection to your car’s exterior. If you live in a dry desert area, you will not have to apply as much protection to the car.  If you live in a cold, wet, and snowy region, you will have to consider a wax that is highly durable and tough to keep out the water and salts that will be found on the road.

Paint Color Sensitivity

Some specialty waxes for the various colors of the cars are available on the market.  In particular, the darker shades of color have a special wax that will bring out their hue while hiding any streaking or fogging of the treatment.  If you have a darker color vehicle, make sure you search around for the waxes specific for those colors.

Liquid Wax vs. Paste Wax vs. Spray  Wax

Each of these three kinds of wax have positive and negative attributes.  Liquid wax dries fast and works well with buffing tools. Paste wax allows a nice deep clean and protective coat, plus it lasts longer since you can control the amount used. Spray waxes are the fastest to apply and ease of use, but tend not to last as long as the liquid or paste.  Determine which factors are important ahead of time.

Polished and Waxed CarImpact on environment

There are two kinds of waxes, those based on the natural wax and those formulated with silicone.  If you want to have a less impact on the environment, you want to use the natural Carnauba based waxes. In addition, the less wax you apply, the less likely the chemicals will hurt the environment. Consider the natural liquid waxes for the minimal environmental impact.

Durability of Coat

A Carnauba wax has a thick strong shell that protects the vehicle, but it does not have a long life on the car. You will find yourself reapplying a natural wax six to seven times a year. Your spray-on waxes use used to upkeep only last a few weeks. A synthetic wax will go on to the car and last about six months before you need to reapply a new coat.

Time to apply and buff the product

Each wax has a specific time to dry once applied to the car. For detailing professionals, time to dry is critical to moving cars quickly on the business. Therefore, the detailers tend to use liquid wax because it dries much faster than paste. The paste dries the slowest because of the thickness and amount you have to apply on to the car. The quickest the can dry is the spray on wax, but some products tend to streak on certain conditions.

Consumer rating

The consumer ratings are very useful on determining the best performing waxes per the product line. Before buying a product, you can review online several websites to get customer feedback on each of them. Run a search online for “customer review (product name) forums”, you will find a large amount of feedback on each product.


In terms of shopping for the price, the car waxes vary across all of the product lines. What will stand out in price are specialty formulations designed for professionals. If you need a wax that formulated for dark colors, a heavy durability coat, or a set of multiple steps (prepare, clean, protect), these products are more expensive.

What is the best car wax?  There you have it, a quick list of the 10 ways to dedcide on the best car wax for you.  There are so many different options for each formulation, the best advice is to sit down and figure out what you need.  Think about how much time you want to invest, the costs, and what kind of car you have.  You can start to single out the families of waxes and choose the best for your needs to get that perfect shine and protection.

Your Thoughts

What do you link of the list of 10?  Are there other items our readers should consider that you would like to share?  Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

Still Looking?

Are you looking for the right car wax or polish?  We have your back!  There are a ton of car detailing products on the market and our guide in the link below should help you decide.  We have tried to make your decision for buying the right car wax products easier with our best car wax comparison chart.

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