How to Clean your Car’s Headlight Covers

Do you get frustrated by dirty and cloudy headlight covers on your car or truck.  It can be frustrating to spend quality time cleaning, waxing and polishing your car only to find you have one highly noticeable flaw…dirty and tough to clean headlights.

There are products that provide headlight cover cleaning and restoration, but if you want a cheap method, keep on reading.

You can easily clean your own headlights, just as effectively as these other products above.   Below we will explain the two best methods for “do-it-yourself” headlight cover cleaning.  Here we go:

Toothpaste Method

First, you apply regular white toothpaste to your headlights with a dry soft towel, in a circular buffing type motion. Buff small sections of the headlight cover at a time, until the grime comes from the headlight cover onto the towel. Next, rinse the toothpaste off the headlight covers with some warm water, and dry the headlight covers with a clean towel.

Keep in mind you do not want to use any sort of mint, flavored or whitening toothpaste, as those toothpastes contain extra substances that could actually damage your headlight cover. Just use plain old white toothpaste.

Sandpaper Method

First, clean the headlight covers thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and some paper towels. You may wish to clean the headlight covers a second time with the rubbing alcohol and paper towels, as any debris left behind before the next step will likely cause harm to the headlight cover.

Next, spray the headlights with hot water (not boiling, but hot) and sand the headlight covers with 400 grit sandpaper.  The 400 grit sandpaper will leave behind scratches on the headlight cover, so the next step is to use 1200 grit sandpaper to sand out the scratches left behind by the coarser 400 grit sandpaper. If you like, you can then use a 1500 grit, finer sandpaper, to sand out any noticeable scratches or marks left behind by the 1200 grit sandpaper.

Finally, use your rubbing alcohol and paper towels to once again clean the headlight covers. This should provide you with several months of cloud-free headlight covers, leaving your car looking new again. Bling-Bling!

Your Turn

Do you have any other car detailing secrets our readers should know about?  If so, please comment below and let us know.  If you try one of the methods above, please revisit and let us know how it goes.  If you are looking to wax and polish your car, don’t forget to check out or best car wax guide report.

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