About Us

Thank you for coming by our About Us page! My name is Emerson Huitink and I run the site: BestCarWaxGuide.net.

I am not a huge car wax guru, but I have spent a lot of time learning and researching the ins and outs of car waxing, car polishing, washing, detailing, etc. I fell in love with taking care of cars when I was a young man. My Father owned a late 70′s Truimph TR6 I was allowed to drive a bit when in high school many year ago. I spent a lot of time learning about car detailing back then, had a lot of practice on the TR6 and it has been somewhat of a hobby for me since.

Now that I am a bit older with my own family, 2 little ones and hopefully another on the way, I have begun to focus a little bit of my allotted hobby time on detailing my own cars. When I decided it was time to get back into the hobby, I went online to pick up the products and supplies needed. Being somewhat savvy, it wasn’t too difficult to find what I needed for car wax, car polish, etc but I noticed there was a lack of clear and concise information and a ton of misinformation online. Because of this I launched this website to hopefully be a resource to others who are looking to focus some time on detailing their cars and would appreciate a straightforward resource on how to care for their cars and what products to buy.

Being pretty good at computers, I decided to compile the information I gathered during some recent research and create Ultimate Car Wax Guide dedicated to getting you the information you need to make the right decision on everything related to car detailing. I hope you will find this site useful and will visit us again and again when you need assistance. We will continue to add to the site and if you don’t see a product, please send us a note so we may add it.

Beyond the guide we will be working on written guides on specific products and offerings. Our goal is to be your number one resource for everything car wax and auto detailing related.

I hope our site here will help you find the best car wax for you.